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August 04, 2006

Stupid Drudge Tricks

I am always amused by the antics of people who try to use a random occurence to make a broader point about something. Global Warming is a great point. Today the Drudge Report linked to a story about the hottest days on record. Here's the link, which tells you that the highest ever recorded temperature was in 1922, and for the USA it was 1913. I guess that's an interesting piece of trivia to know, but it tells you nothing about an overall trend.

For example, it is well documented that humans continue to get taller with every new generation. In America, over the last 40 years the average person is 1 inch taller. However, the tallest man ever died way back in 1940 and the current tallest man is a full 7 inches shorter than the record holder.

So, are we to believe that people are getting shorter because the tallest man alive right now isn't as tall as the tallest man alive in the 1940's? No, and when it comes to global warming and climate change, just because the hottest day ever recorded was in 1922 does not mean that we are currently in a period of years where the average yearly temperature has broken records almost every year.

We are experiencing climate change, and you can either accept that and figure out what you can do to make a difference, or you can treat it like any other political game and try to score cheap points.

Posted by Chris at August 4, 2006 08:06 PM


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