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April 14, 2006

Questions for Sonny

The Georgia GOP has 5 Questions for Cathy and Mark to answer. But by my count, Sonny isn't exactly clear on where he stands on at least four of them.

The 5 Questions:
1. Do you support Cynthia McKinney’s extreme views and outrageous behavior?
2. Where do you stand on gay marriage?
3. As governor, would you have signed the Women’s Right to Know bill, requiring a 24-hour waiting period before a woman can have an abortion?
4. Did you support or oppose last year’s landmark tort reform legislation?
5. Do you support the illegal immigration legislation passed by the House and Senate this year?

My questions for Sonny:
1. You signed a Congressional redistricting bill that removed white Democratic neighborhoods from the 4th Congressional district, which insures (or at least makes it more likely) that Republicans will have Cynthia to kick around longer. Do you support taking Rockdale County Republicans out of an effective Congressman's district and putting them into Cynthia's?
2. Governors don't sign Constitutional amendments passed by the legislature. What's your stand?
3. What's your stand on preventing teen pregnancy in rural Georgia, a large contributor to abortions in this state? If you talked with school administrators they would tell you that the national Republican/Congressional policy of abstinence only education has created a disastrous problem of uninformed Georgia children who think (for example) that having intercourse in water will prevent them from getting pregnant. What's better policy -- telling a girl who believed a myth like that that she has to wait 24 hours before her abortion, or teaching her proper sex ed which might have prevented the pregnancy in the first place?
4. Do you? Because massive sections of the "landmark" tort reform law have been rewritten and gutted. If you're looking for the poster child of poorly written legislation, look no further than the original tort reform bill. If Sonny signs the fixes to the bill passed this year, does that mean he no longer supports the landmark tort reform passed?
5. Again, Sonny hasn't made up his mind on what he'll do with this bill. Since he's Governor and Cathy and Mark aren't, it seems a little unfair to ask his opponents what he thinks they should do on an important issue. But Sonny has a long history of bowing to poliical pressure from Mark and Cathy and adopting their position. More to the point, does Sonny support President Bush's immigration reform? He's certainly taken enough pictures with W, and he'll be using W's money to help get himself re-elected. So what's it going to be Sonny?

Posted by Chris at April 14, 2006 11:11 AM


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